In all major incident scenarios, which range from Pandemics and Natural Disasters to Environmental and Oil Spill Disasters, Oikus supports in all segments of a resiliency system.  These segments are structured in the program magement phase and the system reaction phase.



Read about the core activities of System Reaction below.



Initial Response and Sustained Response.  The implementation of the tools – per plan – committed to mitigating the incident.  In the initial response phase, an organization uses its contingency plans and procedures. 


During a sustained response, the organization shifts into the implementation of the full Planning Process as outlined in the Incident Management System.


OIKUS technical manpower, also known as an Incident Management Team to support all Incident Management Team functions in a sustained response.


We utilize the now standard Incident Management System, as presented by IPIECA, and also known as Incident Command System.


OIKUS provides consulting for enterprise recovery that addresses the priorities of  internal and external recovery. 

Internally, this is accomplished with enterprise sustainability, business continuity, and disaster recovery expertise.   We follow the standards set forth by such standards as NFPA 1600 and, DRII, BS 11200:2014, and FEMA COOP Planning.


Externally, OIKUS can also deliver consulting to manage the restoration work upon impacted environments and economies.


Employing qualified and experienced professionals makes a difference. 


OIKUS provides enterprise consulting for regenerating an organization to ensure its sustainability after an impact.


As quickly as the response is organized, and just as disaster recovery activities and planning are being carried out, it is just as important for an organization to dedicate resources toward its own regeneration.  Thus an organization is able to manage the critical next steps towards creating greater resiliency against any future disasters.


This has to be done with the implementation of strategic objectives derived from our copyrighted system, which aligns values, priorities, objectives, strategies, tactics and resource assignment.