OIKUS offers all-hazards resiliency services to customers in the following industry segments:


  • Energy Industry

  • Transportation Industry

  • Government Services, and

  • Humanitarian Disaster Response Organizations


These services are accomplished through the best professionals available in the market.  Often these professionals are leading subject matter experts with the right background of preparedness, real-incident response, and industry experience; all of which are necessary to deliver the best consulting, the best plans, the best training, and the best all-around resiliency programs.



Business Case

80% probability

According to Oxford Metrica, 80% of companies will face a major crisis or emergency that will affect their sustainability.  This has major implications for having programs and built in system-wide resilience to manage those risks and hazards.  






* “Improving Risk Quality to Drive Value”, Oxford Metrica, FM Global, 2003 


Costs 200x more

Following a major incident, companies that do not manage a program will spend 200 times more than those who have a program (FM Global Insurance).  Insurance companies know this, and reduce premiums where there is evidence of a well managed program.






** “Low Cost Preparedness Efforts Significantly Mitigate Loss”. B. Raisch, and M. Statler, InterCEP Mini-Case #1, 2007, FM GLOBAL INSURANCE