OIKUS writes contingency plans.  We are fast, we are practical, we are experienced, and we are passionate responders.




Prepares your operations with practical plans that protect people, property, and the environment
























OIKUS writes plans using domestic and global standards for emergency response plans.  Our plans are:


  • Written by Emergency Response specialists

  • Practical and user-friendly

  • Designed to communicate quickly and efficiently

  • Ample use of flow charts, diagrams, maps and quick guides


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OIL SPILL PLANS (Regulatory & Operational)

Know how to rapidly assign deployment of personnel and equipment to prioritized locations





















OIKUS writes oil spill plans using domestic and global standards for emergency response plans.  These plans are:


  • Regulatory plans for regional and country-specific compliance

  • Written by experienced oil spill responders with local experience

  • Meet IPIECA's Oil Spill Response Joint Industry Project guides for oil spill response

  • Meet European and American standards for oil spill plans

  • Written in alignment with National Oil Spill contingency plans

  • Written in alignment with Business Response Plan, Crisis Management Plan


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Help your enterprise be prepared for interruptions caused by disasters and/or emergencies





















OIKUS writes business continuity plans using NFPA 1600, which is a global standard for business continuity and disaster preparedness.  These plans are ideal for operations susceptible to power outtages, hurricanes, supply or demand fluctuations. Our plans are:


  • Written by professionals with experience in actual business continuity scenarios

  • Based in Business Impact Analysis

  • Tested in realistic scenarios through table-tops and actual resource mobilization exercises


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Ensure Primary Mission Essential Functions continue to be performed during a wide range of emergencies 





















OIKUS writes port-wide business continuity plans based on port-specific risks and operational priorities.  These plans compliment port-specific risk management plans, maritime incident response planning, and other maritime organizational needs.


  • Written by professionals with experience in port activities

  • Based on Impact Analysis

  • Can be complimented by Standard Operating Procedures, Quick References Cards, Manuals and Training.


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