1 day (7 hrs. of instruction).



SASISOPA Awareness Training (Mexico) introduces the audience to the understanding of Safety Management Systems and provides the basic training in the knowledge required for offshore operators and contractors about the compliance with the relevant Mexican regulations from ASEA.  Also provides knowledge of its contents and minimum requisites imposed to Offshore Installations Operators and Contractors throughout all phases marine hydrocarbons projects developments.



All persons involved in Oil and gas offshore work and activities or with on-shore operational or managerial involvement for offshore operations in the Mexican market place, including: 


  • Management, Supervisory and Technical personnel of Oil License Operators

  • Oil and Gas Contractor.


 International Ph.D. level subject matter experts on QHSE Systems with certifications as Lead Auditor on ISO 14001 19001 and 45001 Standards FEMA, SEMS, IMO; 20 years of experience in Safety Management Systems at Offshore / Onshore operations in the Americas and 20+ years teaching at College and Industry levels. 

Prerequisites:  None


Course Contents:


Unit 1. Introduction to Safety Management Systems 

Unit 2. PDCA Cycle and its application to Safety Management 

Unit 3. Mexican Legal Frame and Environmental regulations

Unit 4. Registration requirements

Unit 5. SASISOPA Overview

Unit 6. SASISOPA elements 1 to 9

Unit 7. SASISOPA elements 10 to 18

Unit 8. SASIPOSA Annexes I, II and III

Unit 9. SASISOPA and Risk Identification - Analysis Technics

Unit 10. Emergency Response and ICS basics. 

Unit 11. Case Study. 

Unit 12. SASISOPA and ISO Standards interphase. 

Unit 13. Course summary and Test 


A certificate of attendance will be issued indicating the holder has been considered competent of SASISOPA (Mexico)  Awareness principles.


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