ICS 320 Course: Intermediate ICS for the Incident Command Team

Duration: 2 days (plus 1 day for drill scenario design)

Intermediate ICS for the Incident Command Team (ICT), consists of the practical concepts of the FEMA NIMS ICS. This is a course designed to foster teamwork in the execution of an incident level 2 or 3 management. The course presents the practical concepts for the establishment of an Incident Command Post, function-specific responsibilities, assignments, flow of information, and deliverables related to resource management. It also goes in depth on the topics of Command Team, the organization of the Operations Section, and the Planning Cycle during a complex event. The course presents the practical use of the Incident Management Manuals as a critical tool for the adequate performance of the Incident Command Team. The course highlights the importance of the interdependence in the flow of information and the importance of working as a team within the context of an ICT Organization for level 2 and 3 incidents.



Personnel working in assignments of command, section chiefs, brigade leaders, unit leaders, division/group supervisors, and personnel in the emergency operation center that coordinates multiple agency systems. 

Prerequisites:  ICS-300

To implement this course, it is necessary to prepare an incident scenario in collaboration with the client, so that the scenario is as realistic as posible within the client's operations context. 

Preparation recommendations (2 hours)

Watch Video 1:  Disaster at Valdez

(Watch video online, approx. duration 1.5 hrs):  https://www.youtube.com/user/exxonvaldezdisaster/videos


Video 2:  BP Houma Incident Command Post

(Watch video online, approx. duration .5 hrs):




Incident Management Manual

Whiteboards to write on

Paper tape for painting 


Markers, pens, pencils

ICS printed forms

ICS Vests



Unit 1: Introduction to the Incident Command Team materials

·      Forms

·      Whiteboards

·      Vests

·      Incident Management Manual


Unit 2: Establishing an Incident Command Post

·      Location

·      Incident Command Post Diagram

·      Entry and exit process


Unit 3: Model scenario

·      Scenario presentation

·      Assignments

·      Participation in response, with interactive instruction



Unit 4: Level 3 Incident Scenario, with interactive instruction

·      Initial response

·      Incident Command Post organization

·      Unified Command Meeting

·      Preparation of Objectives

·      Command Meeting

·      Tactical Meeting

·      Planning Meeting

·      Operations Information Session

Unit 5: Course Summary

·      Review

·      Course Evaluation

·      Certificate Issuance


A certificate of compliance with the NIMS ICS is given, according to the rules and methodology of FEMA. 

OPTIONAL: Introduction to the design, implementation, and assessment of drills. 

This is a module prepared based on the best drill design and implementation practices, based on the IPIECA, PREP, and NIMS ICS guides. 

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