1 day (7 hrs. of instruction).



The HSE Training Course for Managers is a Safety Management Systems strategic level – instruction and coaching course; tailor –made for a management – director level perspective, which provides the set up for HSE focus on Management Responsibility as the key of success for the construction of a responsibly – committed Safety Culture. This training / couching is ideal for any multi-disciple organization, wanting to establish a thorough and well – structured QHSE Management System. It is structurally based on the review of basic principles of ISO 9001; ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and when required, on OHSAS 18001-2018, considering the involvement or advance certain organizations may have on its own.  



The course assumes an audience composed of Directors, Managers and Supervisors (with or without international background), mainly focused in Oil and Gas operations; with inclusion of diverse business specialties such as operations, administration, upstream / downstream, etc. 



 International Ph.D. level subject matter experts on QHSE Systems with certifications as Lead Auditor on ISO 14001 19001 and 45001 Standards FEMA, SEMS, IMO; 20 years of experience in Safety Management Systems at Offshore / Onshore operations in the Americas and 20+ years teaching at College and Industry levels. 

Prerequisites:  None


Course Contents:


Unit 1. Introduction to Safety Management Systems: What Managers should know about HSE.

Unit 2. Safety Management fundamental processes

Unit 3. Managing Risks

Unit 4. Behavior Based Safety and Process Safety Management

Unit 5. Emergency Management Cycle

Unit 6. Incident Investigation

Unit 7. Auditing and Continuous Improvement  

Unit 8. Course summary. 



A certificate of attendance will be issued indicating the holder has gone through the coaching for managers course. 


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