Oikus Technologies LLC supports true crisis, disaster and emergency management capability and compliance for the prevention and preparedness of operators in high risk environments.


OIKUS does this by tailoring industry-specific programs, which can be all-encompassing or operation-specific in the oil & gas industry, transportation sectors, government services and humanitarian disaster response organizations.


Is your organization managing resilience or does it merely manage a contingency plan? 


Oikus provides Consulting, Design, Development Implementation, Regulatory Registration, and Industrial Safety and Environment Protection Management  Systems for the Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Industries in compliance with Regulators requirements in the United States and Mexico (SEMS and SASISOPA management systems), additionally produces and provides practical on-site training and classroom based courses in areas related to Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Management Systems and Crisis and Emergency Management including table top exercises and drills covering a wide array of compliance and conformance requirements in the Oil and Gas,Field Development and Hydrocarbons Multimodal Transportation industrial sectors for both offshore and onshore operations in the United States, Mexico and Latin America.

Among other, the following Consulting, Certification and Training  areas are covered : 

QHSE Training

QHSE Management Systems

SEMS (USA) - SASISOPA (MEXICO). Programs for Offshore Operators


OSHA Process Safety Management  


Incident Investigations

Incident Command System ICS 100, 200, 300, 320, 400

IMO Oil Spill Training Level 1, 2, 3

Offshore Oil Spill Response Course (Offshore Facility and vessel Tailored)

ISO 9001,14001,19001,45001.Preparation and 

Certification Training

ISO-Safety Management Systems Internal Auditor Development 

NEBOSB Oil & Gas Certification Training 

Safety Management System IMO – SMS Code ( Marine) 

International Ship and Port Safety Management System IMO – ISPS Code. ( Marine) 


SEMS Development
Risk based CAPEX – OPEX optimization
SASISOPA Development
True Crisis Management
OSHA Process Safety Management
Assets Risks Management
ICS Training
Business Continuity
Quantitative Risk Studies
Maintenance Risk Evaluation